GAR – Association for Migration Research was founded on September 21, 2017, with the aim of conducting research on migration, taking part in the multidisciplinary migration research, supporting migration research and migration researchers, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge produced in these researches, and enabling professional solidarity, communication, collaboration, and interaction among the migration scholars. We also aim at providing solutions to scientific, institutional, and ethical problems that the migration researchers face and raising public awareness regarding the problems un/documented migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees confront.

Among the founding members of GAR are (alphabetical order by surname) Polat Alpman, Selin Altunkaynak, Didem Danış, Gülay Uğur Göksel, Biriz Karaçay, Deniz Sert and Besim Can Zırh.

A few months after we founded the association, we discussed the process that led us to become an NGO, the conditions that enabled the association, and our objectives in an interview published on Sivil Sayfalar.(1)

1 You can find the interview here (Turkish):