Name and Headquarter of the Association

Article 1 – “Association for Migration Research” (abbreviation: GAR) is a private association whose headquarter is located in Istanbul. Objectives of the Association and Its Subjects and Fields of Study

Article 2 – GAR was founded with the aim of with the aim of conducting research on migration, taking part in the multidisciplinary migration research, supporting migration research and migration researchers, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge produced in these researches, and enabling a professional solidarity, communication, collaboration and interaction among the migration scholars.

Fields and Methods of Study

  1. Conducting research for rendering its activities more effective and well-developed;
  2. Organizing training such as courses, seminars, conferences, and panels;
  3. Providing any sorts of documents, information, and publications towards the realization of the Association’s objectives; creating a documentation center; preparing and disseminating publications such as newspapers, journals, books, and bulletins;
  4. Enabling a healthy working environment, providing all the necessary materials;
  5. Accepting donations from Turkey and abroad and carrying out fundraising activities provided that the required permissions are received;