Didem Danış

6 June 2024

In this insightful interview, GAR member Didem Danış talks with renowned Hungarian scholar, Attila Melegh to explore the intricate intersections of socio-economic factors, cultural dynamics, and anti-immigrant sentiments. Delving into the systemic crises of neoliberal capitalism, Prof. Melegh emphasizes the need for a radical rethinking of economic models and the importance of solidarity between migrant and local workers. The conversation sheds light on the paradoxes and challenges faced by contemporary societies, offering a critical analysis of global migration trends and their implications.

Cheyenne Toss

9 May 2024

Cheyenne Toss wrote about her observations at the Hubban Creative Migrant Network exhibition, an initiative to increase interaction between different migrant communities.

Cheyenne Toss

19 March 2024

Cheyenne Toss analyzed the reporting of right, center, and left-wing media outlets in Germany to demonstrate the reflection of the EU-Turkey deal in the German media.

GAR Blog 

The Intersections of Migration and the City: Some Thoughts on Workshop

Şevval Sude Şimşek 

December 4, 2023 

The workshop titled Migration and Arrival in Turkey: Urban and Spatial Approaches was held on September 30, 2023 in Istanbul, in partnership with SU Gender and Migration Research Association and with the financial support of the EU Horizon 2020 project ReROOT: Arrival Infrastructures as Sites of Integration for Newcomers. The workshop addressed migration from an urban perspective, focusing particularly on arrival areas and national and urban integration policies. The presentations convened around case studies in Turkey, which offered many examples in this context.


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