In the third e-bulletin of GAR Association for Migration Research, Dr. Esra Demirkol prepared three extensive lists for scholars and students of migration studies. These are the list of research centers founded in various universities in Turkey; the list of graduate programs on migration studies in Turkey’s universities; and the list of migration-themed journals all around the world. We hope that the lists on our bulletin will be useful for everyone interested in the topic.

Movies have been an important tool for transnational diasporas and/or internal/international forced migrants to express and transfer their experiences as well as to disseminate their experiences to a wider audience. We hope that the movies included in this list will provide insight about migrants’ experiences of (forced and/or voluntary) displacement, stigmatizing attitudes they face in the host societies, tensions they live with their ethnic groups (or with other ethnic groups) in the host societies, and their connections and networks with their families/countries they have left behind. The list was prepared by Esra Demirkol.

The first bulletin of our association, which was founded on September 21, 2017 was published in December 2017. Although we couldn’t publish as frequently as we hoped to do, through these e-bulletins we will share with you the current news in the migration studies. In this first bulletin, we examined the MA and PhD theses, which were written in Turkish universities between January 2016 and June 2017. We prepared several tables based on the Higher Education Council database and added the full list of MA and PhD theses defended in this period.

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