This research departs from the current conditions faced by Afghan migrants and refugees and investigates the (non-)reception mechanisms awaiting them in Turkey. This report aims to expand the scope of the current literature in three main respects: (1) it focuses on the local, national, and international actors active in the reception of Afghans, and for that reason, does not focus on migrant experience per se but delves into the conditions of possibility of the migrant experience; (2) it expands the geographical scope of the research and includes five cities (namely Van, Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir, and Kayseri) and looks at local (and mostly informally operational) differentiations in different cities; and (3) it investigates whether and how the Taliban’s political and military takeover in Afghanistan has changed the reception mechanisms of Afghan migrants and refugees in Turkey. In this research, we focus on the actors and mechanisms that facilitate or prevent protection to Afghans seeking refuge in Turkey.

Coordinators: Didem Danış & Deniz Sert

Researchers: Lülüfer Körükmez & Eda Sevinin

Reporting: Eda Sevinin

Administrative assistant: Fırat Çoban

Page design: İpek Tabur

Cover design: Alexander Halldórsson Ephrussi

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