GAR members Lülüfer Körükmez, İlhan Zeynep Karakılıç and Didem Danış completed the report “Exigency, Negotiation, Change:
The Work Experiences of Refugee Women and Gender Relations” which examines the relationship between Syrian women’s entrance into paid jobs and gender relations in their resettlement process in Mersin, Gaziantep, and İzmir, cities received considerably large populations of Syrians.

March 2019
İlhan Zeynep Karakılıç, Lülüfer Körükmez, Cavidan Soykan

GAR members İlhan Zeynep Karakılıç, Lülüfer Körükmez, Cavidan Soykan completed the literature review entitled “Resilience, Work and Gender in the (Turkish) Migratory Context.” This review also stands out as the first step of the Project “Resilience, Work and Gender in the (Turkish) Migratory Context” funded by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung in Turkey. The Project will continue with the fieldwork through which we will analyze the economic practices of Syrian migrant/refugee women and what is the relationship between these practices and the resilience of Syrian migrant/refugee women. The first section of the literature review focuses on gender and migration; the second section traces the term “resilience” in various social science disciplines, and the third section addresses the migrants’ labor market integration.

Today, more than half of the refugee population in the world is facing protracted refugee situations, which denotes the situations in which refugees are living in exile for more than five years. A typical response to such situations is to address the emergency needs of refugees at the border of the host country and providing the refugees with food, clothes, shelter, and hygiene support met through humanitarian aid funds. Although the situation for Syrians in need of protection is different in Turkey, in the face of the absence of an integration plan, dependency on aid programs is a big problem for Syrians.

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